Mosaic Mural Workshop with Christian Gibaut!

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Mosaic Mural Workshop

Christian Pérès Gibaut


November 11-14, 2016

@ Denny’s Workshop, Hillsboro, OR

Much more than a mosaic class, a truly unforgettable event. In this workshop, students live a real mosaic mural process and a unique team working experience.

Especially focused for North American audiences, this workshop showcases and highlight the little-known South American mosaic world and introduce techniques that are not often used in the States.

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Students learn about all the questions they will have to solve when they face a mural project, such as: how to go from the concept to the design first, and from the design to mosaics then; the importance of the context; how to scale the design to the wall; materials availability; assembling a working team; budgeting; how to choose the right methods for any project; deadlines; among others. They are also introduced to specific cutting techniques to create beautiful and clean pieces saving material on the process. Students learn to work with direct and with double direct method for a mural. During  4 intensive days, students will receive a theoretical and practical instruction on a mosaic mural project from conception to completion. Students come to this workshop as individuals and exit it as a TEAM!


Instructor: Christian Pérès Gibaut —

For more information, contact Denny Nkemontoh at



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