Week of August 14, 2016

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I’ve had so much fun this week…  Marbling paper and then learning to use my Cri-cut machine and mounting the die cuts on the marbled paper…. and catching up with friends from the past (sounds so much better than “old” friends….).  If you’ve never used one of these machines, drop by and try mine out.


I did a collage using the leftover negative of the die cut.


One of the things that really hit home for me this week occurred while marbling paper.  I was telling my friend how my benign essential tremor has impacted my art.  My hands shake when I take photos or try to do any work that requires fine motor skills.  My vision isn’t that great either.  So I try to accept my imperfect renderings  — process being more important than the end product and all.  In fact I choose to do art that not only allows but embraces my infirmities.  I deliberately make rectangles that are lopsided so that I don’t feel bad about trying to do a perfectly balanced rectangle and failing.

My friend dismissed my explanation, saying, “You never were a straight line kind of girl anyhow.”


Why should I try to be something I am not?

I decided that I need to remind me of that truth every day.


This week:

Tuesday night: Join me to make accordion books.

Wednesday, 10-4: Open Studio time.

Saturday: Exploring glass fusing.  This will be a very small class.  Contact me for more information.

As always, if you just want someone to do art with, bring your current project and come and work with me.  We’ll each do our own work but it is so encouraging to work alongside someone else.  It keeps me motivated and encouraged and brings new perspective to my work….

Hope to see you soon!




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