Fall-themed Art

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The last few days have had me thinking about fall.  I’ve never been much of a decorator for seasons or holidays but my friends and I have been intrigued by the idea of fairy houses for a bout a year.  Earlier this week , Janice, Rhonda, and I took action.

We bought Styrofoam pumpkins and then searched our stashes for items to use.  I found a rusty miniature fence I trimmed into a stairways; used a plastic frog for a door handle; Janice gave me halved walnuts for window boxes; and, the farm had lots of moss to dig up and branches dipping with moss.  Add a marble, miniature birds and nest, seedum, rocks, and dried lavender and it was done!

If I can remember to water it, my pumpkin can last through to Halloween.



Rhonda opted not to carve into hers   Now she can change the look for different seasons….


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