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I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures tonight.  There were six of us tonight for Tuesday night journaling.  We’re starting a year long series  focused journaling — first on Junque Journaling and then different techniques that can be used in art journaling.

What is a junque journal?  Junk journal?  Art journal?  There are probably as many definitions for these terms as there are people creating them.  I am defining a Junque Journal as a journal that is made up of various pieces of paper/fabric you have in your studio.  In this class, we’ll actually make the cover and bind the book together BEFORE journaling in it.  Once bound, we have a book that is just waiting for our words or photos or art.

My junque journal will have collages in it, half finished drawings, marbled papers, ads that caught my eye, pages from old books, food wrappings (some artisan breads have really cool paper bags) and more.  I might add in some envelopes, memorabilia, photo transfers, gelli prints and more.  I’ll probably add in a few blank pages too.

Next week, September 20, we will begin working on our covers.  Bring with you whatever you’d like to use as the base for your cover.  I suggest two canvas boards in the size you want or even covers from an old book you have and no longer treasure.  Also bring any collage or photos or drawings that you might want to put on the covers.  I will provide the glue, additional papers and collage items, markers, paints, etc.  Start a box of materials you could put inside the book.

I’d like to share one example of something I’m including.  Tonight at class, a teenager began drawing a horse but wasn’t pleased with it and was going to toss it.  I asked if I could have it and she gave it to me.  Beautiful. It will definitely be in my junque journal.


Cost for the journaling classes is $5 per week with a maximum payment of $30.  Once you’ve paid $30, all the rest of the classes are free!   Each week I will announce what we’re doing the following week and what you’ll need to bring.  Come to whichever sessions interest you or come to all of them.  Even if you don’t bind your own junque journal, you are still welcome to join us to learn new techniques using a journal you already own.

Tonight we spent the second half of class making gelli prints on deli paper.  These prints will find their way into our journals and other art pieces.


We’ve also decided to start group journals.  This is how it works.  We each have a blank journal and journal four pages in whatever style we want.  We meet once a month to pass the book on to the next person.  You do four pages that month in the journal you received and then we pass it on the next month.  We are looking for more people to join us.  Are you interested?  Let me know!




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