Week of October 10, 2016

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Tuesday night — 7 to 9 pm — Journaling.  We are moving on to the next step of making our journal covers by creating tags to add to our textured canvases.  You can join in even if  you’re not working on a cover.  The technique will still be useful and fun.  $5.

Wednesday — 10 am to 4 pm — Open Studio.  Come work on a personal project or begin a new project.  Come with something in mind or ready to look at possibilities.  Price is dependent on project chosen.  Contact me for more information.

Saturday — 6 to 9 pm — Coloring and/or Cardmaking.  This is our free coloring session.  Bring your book and relax as you color.  Or, try your hand at making Christmas cards.  The card making is free.  The catch is that I get to take photos of your finished cards!  Let me know if you’re coming and what you’d like to do…

Sunday — 1:30 – 5 pm — Beginning mosaic.  workinprogress

This is a beginning mosaic class.  We will learn how to cut glass and will use cut pieces and fragments to create a mosaic on an IKEA framed mirror.  We will not have time to grout our pieces during this class.  You will need to return at your convenience to grout when your piece is dry.  $25.

Finally, on Saturday, I will be doing a private class on wood burning for a family with children.  This is just a reminder that  I am willing to teach almost anything you’re interested in learning and to most ages.  If you have an idea for your kids, your friends, a birthday party, a scout meeting… or whatever, contact me and let’s make it happen!



Lots of pictures to share from recent classes…


Here are a few of the Glass  on Glass pieces created by students during Kelley’s class “Radical Dimensions in Glass.”

Close up views of works in process.  This was such a fun class!  Our muses were definitely present — creativity flowed.

Last week students in the Tuesday night journaling class used stencils, acrylic paints, and embossing paste to create their textured covers.

Then, on Thursday night, a group of women tried their hands at creating small glass on glass mosaics.  They went through the process of breaking glass (as opposed to cutting it) to illustrate the brokeness and pain of life and then the creation of beauty from the fragments.  Here are a few of their pieces in process.

Saturday, saw more glass on glass taking place in the workshop.  Christine decided she wanted to create a raven using obsidian and glass.  It was quite the process with hammer and hardie to break the obsidian into slivers.  Note: not to be done without gloves, eye gear, and a contained area to catch flying fragments!  Christine is thinking outside the box and creating a raven that already is coming to life with a personality of its own.  I can’t  wait to work with her again on Wednesday during Open Studio to see what happens next.



Finally, one more genre of art.  Burning leather leaves using our wood burning tools and skills learned during Janale Petersen’s class.  This was not done in the workshop but with several friends on Friday night.  If anyone would like to try their hand at making leaves, now is the time!

Hope to see you soon!


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