Day Two of the Mosaic Mural Workshop

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Why take a class at Denny’s Workshop?  Not every class is like this but Day Two of the Mosaic Mural Workshop had a number of selling points:


Excellent guest teacher.  Jennifer Kuhns is leading us through the process of planning, making, and completing a mosaic mural.


Fun and ambitious classmates work together.


Progress made on the mural.  It is so much fun to help make the decisions about tesserae and colors and more and then see the mural begin to emerge.


Yummy food.  Today, Tim’s mom sent along a plate of snickerdoodles and Denny’s mom made homemade chicken noodle soup so that we could make the most of our time together.


A studio with just about everything.


A lovely country setting with a gorgeous view and breathtaking sunset.


Can’t wait for Day Three!



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