Completion of Mosaic Mural Workshop

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The completed mural is displayed on the front of my workshop.  It’s gorgeous.  Even in the rain.  I can’t wait to lift the tarp and see the rays of the son reflect off the mural surface.  There is so much I would like to say.


Jennifer Kuhns is a wonderful teacher and team leader.  She brings knowledge, passion, vision, design, and a great sense of calm to a group project.  A very BIG thanks to Jennifer.


It was a great team.  Humor, sharing, working hard, taking turns, stepping up to the plate.  I can’t imagine a better group and would love to have them work on any project if I needed help.

The mural is truly representative of the Helvetia Farms of which Denny’s Workshop is part.  The mural has the rolling hills of Helvetia, a beautiful view of the sun falling on the valley, Christmas trees, and fields of lavender.  The colors of the workshop are purple and green.  Without intentionally planning it, the mural came together seamlessly.

I learned a lot, am taking away tips that I will apply on future projects.  But one thing impressed me more than anything else:  Nothing ever goes completely the way you plan.  There are always changes and adjustments along the way.  When things change unexpectedly, I tend to tense up and worry, expect the worse.  Why do I “expect” things to go perfectly?  Why don’t I expect things to unfold as they will and then, if they go smoothly, I can be pleasantly surprised?  The truth is, much of the joy of this project came through changes and surprises — running out of one tile and having to add another element, having a piece not fit right, and so on.  Through unexpected circumstances, we melded as a group, learned and grew, gained real life experience and, I think, we and the mural are both better for it.

Thanks to everyone who was involved!


The original drawing we worked from…



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