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2017 is, in some ways, off to a slow start.  We’ve had an unusually cold and snowy December and January.  Many evening and weekend events have been canceled.  Since we get freezing rain and aren’t equipped for this kind of weather, things grind to a stop — unlike in the Midwest where I grew up.  This is my excuse for not having posted my own classes yet for the beginning of the year.  My Tuesday night journaling classes are continuing throughout the year and I’ve had lots of time available for open studio time (come work independently on your own project, use my equipment, and leave the mess here) as well as one-on-one classes and small groups.  Come on in and work!

I have been busy, however, arranging for four incredible artists to come present workshops in 2017.

All four artists are well known in their field for their particular style.  These classes will all be small so there is lots of one on one time between students and instructors. You’ll be out in the country with beautiful views of the Helvetia Hills and Valleys and the Coastal Range.  Make friends, learn a new skill or technique, and take home a beautiful one of a kind piece.

Here they are:

  1. Angie Heinrich – Sparkling Jewel Mosaic Mirror Class, March 25-26, 2017.

Come to this two-day mosaic mirror class and walk away with a finished Zetamari-style sparkling jewel to hang on your wall.  You will learn the fundamentals of the direct method as you work with beads and tile to create a textural jewel of soothing symmetry.

  1. Kory Dollar – Glass on Glass Mosaic Workshop, April 7-9, 2017.

Learn Kory’s strip cutting approach to creating a freestyle flower garden on glass.  During this three-day workshop you will upcycle a cupboard door into a beautiful stained glass mosaic sun-catcher.  Learn to select a color pallet with varying opacity, create movement using Kory’s Sliver cut, and use glass shaving to create a crisp clean edge using only nippers.

Just a note: Kory stopped by the workshop one afternoon last week.  She told me about the public and private commissions she has gotten recently.  Watch for her work all over the NW!  Then she told me to grab a pair of nippers and a piece of glass.  I’ve been making mosaics for about a dozen years but in a few minutes Kory taught me some of her techniques that I had never seen before.  I can’t wait for others to learn her sliver cuts and glass shaving techniques!  They’re going to make my life a lot easier!

  1. Susan Wechsler – Mosaic Memory Dresses, May 19-22, 2017.

During this four-day workshop you will create a memory dress using one of Susan’s dress substrates, magic putty, and your inspirations, discarded treasures, and personal palette. Create a lasting memory  that tells a story of a person, event, or heritage.

  1. Susan Crocenzi – Spacescapes – Polymer Clay Tile Making and Tempered Glass Mosaic Techniques, Sept. 7 -8, 2017.

Learn two awesome mosaic/mixed-media techniques in one fast-paced and fun weekend.  You will use tempered glass and make your own polymer clay tiles and more to create a ‘scape with a foreground, orb in the sky, and background.


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