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Susan Crocenzi is one of my favorite mosaic artists because she mixes several different kinds of tesserae (the pieces she uses to build her mosaic):   tempered glass, art glass, polymer clay, and tile.  Based in Sacramento, we have a rare opportunity to learn from her as she will be teaching at my workshop in Hillsboro, Saturday and Sunday, September 9 and 10.

Spacescapes: Polymer Clay Tile Making and Tempered Glass Mosaic Techniques

Register now for Susan Crocenzi’s class — SPACESCAPES: Polymer Clay Tile Making and Tempered Glass Mosaic Techniques. This incredible workshop will be held in Hillsboro, September 9-10 (a Saturday and Sunday). Limited spaces. or 503-866-0180. $290.

Visit Susan’s gallery at  Be sure to click on the headings in red to see the full range of her work.

I have waited a long time for Susan to come to Oregon.  It’s an incredible opportunity. Please reserve your space by the end of July.

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