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It’s been a while since I last posted and, as usual, things are hopping!  Always something new and fun going on…

Most recently, I seem to have adopted the cutest black kitten with brown stripes on her head and back, a white bowtie, and a little milk spot under her lower lip.  She is brave and intrepid.  And oh so loveable but I will be looking for a new forever family for her… if you’re interested, let me know.


It was a great summer.  We had record crowds here for the Helvetia Lavender Festival.  Workshop volunteers were WONDERFUL.  Children (and a few adults) learned to do suminagashi on book marks, made giant bubbles, and visited the “art gallery”.  Thanks to all who participated either during the festival or in making items for sale (see clay creatures below).


A vacation in Florida with my husband was next on the calendar.  I love the ocean!


Then, in August,  we had a four day mosaic campout led by Kory Dollar on the property of the workshop.  Late nights, long walks, lots of laughter, and multiple mosaics per person completed.  Great food and fun.  Can’t wait for the 2019 camp out!


Last week I was in Nashville to meet with my parent organization, Artists with Community Transformation Intl.  I got to share what is happening at the workshop with the other participants.  One of the other participants is Jill, who is sharing horsemanship with foster children, just over the hill from me in Oregon.  I’m hoping we can do some things together.


Denny’s Workshop  celebrated it’s second anniversary in July.  It’s mission/vision is continuing to morph in my mind but is coming clearer.  The workshop provides opportunities to explore the arts at an affordable cost (and sometimes free) and builds community among its participants.

What does that look like?

First, I am not a business with regular hours. Denny’s workshop is operated by me.  It is a non-profit with 501(c)3 status.  The money I charge for classes does not cover all the expenses of running the workshop.  I depend on volunteers and donors.  Watch for more information about what this means and how you can be involved in a future blog.

I spend a lot of hours here, but I can only guarantee that I am here when a class is going on or you have prearranged an appointment with me.  I love having people join me at the workshop either working with me or just for companionship as we work on independent projects.

I offer several kinds of classes:

  1. Exploration: This is a low-cost or free class where an art form is explored. You learn basic techniques and use of tools.
  2. Advanced: This is a class where you complete a project. It may cost more depending on the cost of materials and the time involved.
  3. Guest Teacher: I often bring in experienced artists to teach classes at a professional level. These classes are usually several days in length and may require a certain level of knowledge or bringing tools and/or materials.
  4. One on One: Many of my classes are scheduled upon request of a student. Tell me what you’d like to do or learn, and we’ll discuss time and cost.
  5. Group: Also scheduled upon request, this may be a group of friends, a children’s party, scouts, or an individual request that we open to others to attend. Price depends on time and materials.
  6. Free: I offer two free classes based on student interest – this currently includes a journaling class and a journaling/art class. I am open to other classes if there is interest.
  7. Open Studio: On Tuesday nights, I offer Open Studio. Bring your current project to the workshop and use my tools. I’ll help as needed. Or design a project with my help. Cost of the session is $5 per night or $30 for the year. I am also open to open studio times per request when I have nothing else going in the workshop. Payment is by donation.

Due to the nature of the workshop and the courses above, you may not see a lot on my schedule at any given time. My course availability is constantly evolving and changing. If you friend me on FB, you will see last minute classes advertised. I only use email periodically to advertise classes.

Well, this has been a long blog.  It feels good to catch you up.  Let me know what questions you have!



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