Today is All About Me (and You)

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When you come to my workshop, how do you see me?  Do I seem all together?  Do I appear to know what I’m doing?



The truth is, I  often see myself more like this:


I feel broken, torn apart, confused, hurt, a hot mess.  I think that all of us may be broken in some way or another.  For many years I functioned in the mode of the second picture, patched together with string, band aids, and bubble gum.  As wonderful as staying home to raise my kids was, I lost a sense of who I was.  My worth, value, and vision.  I was constantly taking care of the needs of others while [mostly] ignoring my needs.

As my children grew older and left home, I began to “refind” myself.  I think the process revolved around my personal faith, art, a community of women/friends, and starting to care for my needs more intentionally.  My faith didn’t waiver but the other things did.

Although I’ve always enjoyed art, I am not a trained artist and for many years my pursuit of art centered around doing art projects with my kids and making Christmas gifts.  At one particularly frustrating time in my life I needed an avenue for venting.  I went to Goodwill and bought cheap plates and threw them against the back wall of my garage.  While I don’t recommend this, the process was cathartic but I was left with a box of ceramic fragments.  This lead to making my first mosaics.  I began to see with new eyes, finding mosaic possibilities everywhere I went.  My eyes were focused outward and I discovered beauty all around me.

There is something very healing about creating art.  For me, it is discovery and process.  Learning something new.  Moving out of my box.  Challenging myself.  Creating something that won’t disappear as clean dishes do after a meal…  It brings me peace.  In fact, my friend Ra’Ood finds the process of mixing  and pouring paint to be very meditative.


Art brings me peace and joy.  I relax.  Pablo Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  When I do art, I am renewed.  I refill my cup so that I have more to give others.


If you need healing, peace, joy, think about coming to my workshop or picking up art on your own.  Perhaps, it will lead to your own path to healing and wholeness.



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