Welcome to Denny’s Workshop!

Art means a diversity of things for different people. For some it is technique and talent. Others enjoy learning about art history and trying to create in the same forms as famous artists. Stress relief, nurturing of creativity, inner healing, self-expression, telling one’s story, a return to childhood joys of play – these are just a few of what art may mean. Immersing one’s hands in clay, glue, and other substances can be freeing.

Denny’s Workshop is a place to explore different kinds of art – from clay to mosaics to paper-marbling and more. Both beginners and experienced students can feel comfortable as they investigate textures, colors, and mediums and as they self-express. Additionally, it is place to bring friends or make new friends.  A positive community is nurtured here.  It is not uncommon for people to experience healing through art at the workshop.

Open studio times are available for those who would like to work independently using the many tools and resources available in the studio.


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