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Featured Post — September 16, 2020

Introducing… Altheia McCallum of Photography by Altheia

Altheia is a portraiture and landscape photographer. I met her while she was taking photographs at the Helvetia Lavender Farm. I am continually amazed by the beautiful art she produces. This is my interview with her.

What inspires you?

I love telling stories.  Finding ways to help people preserve their family legacies is something that I feel that is important work.  I love capturing things that people don’t normally notice.  There is so much negativity, I feel passionate about balancing the scales with positive energy and visual art.

How did you get started?  

I’ve been interested most of my life, but I got serious when my father passed away 8 years ago.  I needed something to keep me busy and I found that photography gave me an immense amount of joy.   There is so much to learn that I never got bored.

Why do you make art? 

I don’t know. It’s just a driving force.  I guess if anything, I love the joy it brings to my clients.  Makes me happy to makes others happy.

What is your favorite or most important tool?

Gosh, so many.  I would say my camera gear, editing software and my creative imagination.

What services do you provide?

Family portraits, Newborn Sessions, Headshots, Product Photography, Events and weddings, landscape wall art, fine art and composite creations.

What advice would you give someone who is getting started in your area of art? 

Learn as much as you can before you start charging for services.  Always stay passionate and never stop learning new things.  It will keep you fresh and help avoid burnout.

For more information on Altheia’s photography, visit her website at

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