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2017 Guest Teachers & Classes

Kory Dollar

b and b in process

Glass on Glass Mosaic Birds and Blossoms Workshop

August 18-20 OR October 6-8


Students will learn Kory’s NEWLY designed Three Step Fabrication Method® to simplify the steps in creating a Freestyle Flower Garden ® on glass  The class will discuss her strip cutting approach to breaking down the glass to patternize flowers. This is a wonderful opportunity to understand how to organize your mosaic from start to finish.

The three day workshop will be a combination of lecture/slideshow, discussion, Q&A, demos, and hands-on instruction.  We will focus on Glass on Glass (GOG) application, using the direct method to create a stimulating optical effect. The students will up-cycle a cupboard door into a beautiful stained glass mosaic sun-catcher. Students will learn Kory’sThree Step Fabrication Method® to effectively and efficiently construct a Birds and Blossoms glass piece. Kory will demo several unique cuts she uses in her gardens, using three tools, nippers, a scoring tool, and running pliers. During this process, you will learn how cut strips to patternize your glass into flowers, limbs, and birds — while maximizing your glass. Kory will demonstrate and discuss a specific nipping style /technique, Glass Shaving® to create a crisp clean edge, using only wheeled nippers. The class will explore how to create movement, using Kory’s signature cut, One-cut Sliver Cut®.  Additional topics covered include: committing to a design, selecting a color pallet, varying opacity, Randomization Method®, balance and composition, creating a one-of-a-kind designs, and incorporating found and unusual items. Kory will discuss grout bleed, adhesives, grout additives, and provide tips and tricks to grouting.  Mac glue will be provided. Students are encouraged to bring additional unique items such as broken jewelry, beads, and tesserae to embellish your mosaic.

There will be a grout demonstration  on Sunday. Students are welcome to grout if they have completed the project and glue has dried. If projects are not completed, or dried by 2 pm then a grout package will be available to take home for optional grouting.

  • If the class min is not reached (6) or the teacher cancels, ALL deposits and funds will be returned in full. Maximum students: 9.
  • Hours of class:
    • Friday — 5 – 9 pm
    • Saturday — 9 am – 5 pm
    • Sunday — 9 am – 5 pm

Cost: $250 — which includes glass and materials.

Kory is owner of Marvelous Mosaics.  Visit her site at https://marvelousmosaic.wordpress.com/.




Susan Crocenzi



(Polymer Clay Tile Making and Tempered Glass Mosaic Techniques)

Sat., Sept 7 & Sun., Sept 8

Sat: 10-6 & Sun 10-4


Create a ‘scape (spacescape, landscape, etc.) which incorporates three basic areas, foreground, orb in the sky (sun, moon, planet), and background.  Approx. 10 ” by 8 ” using polymer clay tiles and tempered glass.

You will learn TWO awesome mosaic/mixed-media techniques in one fast-paced and fun weekend!  You will learn about 1.) The incredible tempered glass technique that is the greenest (the glass is salvaged) and cheapest (almost always free or dirt-cheap) mosaic tesserae around.  Colorwise, it offers a rainbow range to choose from.  It can look like neon, or it can be quiet, and subdued.  You can also use it over your favorite decorative papers, photos, etc.  2.) Polymer Clay Tiles and how to incorporate them into your mosaics.   Polymer clay is incredibly flexible for the mosaic artist.  No need of a kiln; you can cure the tiles in a toaster oven!  Make tiles to match any thickness, color, shape you desire.  Other topics include: Review of some of the leading tempered glass and polymer clay artists, tools, supplies and where to get them, substrates, adhesives, colorants, decorative papers, photos, gift wrap, alcohol inks, artful grout lines, and mixing in other mosaic materials such as polymer clay tiles, ceramic, mirror, and stained glass.   Susan will demonstrate several ways to create colored grout, including the blended tie=die effect of mixing several colors of grout in one piece.   She will also demonstrate how to grout pieces that include polymer clay.

Note: Grouting will not take place during class.  Students may do on their own at home or make arrangements to return to Denny’s Workshop to grout at a later date.

Cost: $250 plus $40 materials fee.

“Mosaic art offers the sweet possibility that the random, disparate bits-and-pieces of our lives can yield peace, beauty, and meaning.” ~Susan Crocenzi

“Susan Crocenzi’s work is just plain honest. Her artworks celebrate the natural rhythm and flow of materials. Susan dares to relinquish control and simply allows the story she’s telling to unfold, sincerely.” – -Brit Hammer-Dijks, author: Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice

Susan’s website is http://scmosaics.com/ .


 Anji Grainger


Watercolor Course

Thursdays, July 13, 20, 27 and August 3, 10, 17

Time:  10:00a – 12:30p

Develop your proficiency in watercolor techniques. This course is designed for painters who want to learn watercolor techniques in a fun and non-threatening way. We will explore traditional watercolor methods as well as take a look at experimental ways to express your art. Anji’s website is http://www.bluepansycottage.com. Cost: $150 for 6 classes. Reserve now!


Featured Artists and Classes from 2016

Janale Petersen


September 17, 2016

 Intro to Wood Burning



 Kelley Knickerbocker

Radical Dimensions

Oct. 1-2, 2016

Radical Dimensions in Glass


Jennifer Kuhns


November 11-14, 2016

Mosaic Mural Workshop


Janice Hattenhauer and Rhonda Whetsell

Leather Leaf Class

Saturday, November 19, 2016