Thank yous!

Here’s what students have said about Denny’s Workshop:


~S.K. sent me a card made with alcohol ink, a medium she explored in class.


Denny is a fantastic teacher.  Not only is she an incredibly intuitive and creative artist, but she has the technical know-how for getting any art project done.  She listens and then shows you different approaches to bring forth your own vision.  Her studio is amazing: chock full of art supplies and tools, which she generously shares.  And she has assistants:  three cats who contribute their might to the atmosphere through creative napping and purring. I cannot imagine a better place to learn to bring beauty into the real world!




I wanted a place to go with a friend and be able to “play.” Denny’s Workshop was the perfect answer for us! We worked on two completely different projects. Being out on a lavender farm surrounded by beauty was an added bonus!




Participating in Denny’s classes and workshops has been a huge encouragement to me to explore my creativity.  There is a sense of fun and companionship in a learning environment.




~F.N. sent me a thank you note in the form of an Artist Trading Card (above).



My husband and I have taken two workshops at Denny’s so far. Both have been informative, hands on, well organized and a great learning experience. We will definitely be back again.





Having both taken and taught a class at Denny’s Workshop, I can tell you it is a place of friendship, creativity, sharing, fun, and learning.  What more could you want from a place to gather with other people who have similar interests?


Denny’s studio is amazing, and she has an incredible stock of supplies for beginning to advanced creatives of all ages.  I have taught one class there, and I look forward to teaching and creating there again.




Creating art in the peaceful surroundings of a lavender farm is, well, perfect!  Denny is an amazing teacher who is patient and creative!  Can’t wait to take another class!




Denny’s Workshop is a wonderful place to introduce kids to art in a welcoming, safe environment.  It’s a core part of our home school curriculum.



A fun place to escape in an environment full of love and acceptance.




If you are with Denny, you can do art! Creative, encouraging, warm, and one of the best and most patient teachers I’ve had the privilege to know and work with, Denny is a gift to anyone who wants to experience the joy of any kind of art.






Denny helped me with a 6th grade auction project. The vision for this project was to make a wooden cross with a mosaic in the inside. Her ideas made the cross strong but not too heavy, very radiant by gluing the glass on a mirror, shiny on the front by using clear resin instead of grout, and an amazing gradient of colors thanks to the huge inventory of glass. Thanks to  Denny’s help, the hand tools available and the materials available in the  workshop, this project was a huge success.




Denny, thank you also for hosting us for the three days, giving us an incredible studio filled with encouragement and inspiration. Yes, Kory rocked it! I learned so much from her and all the ladies. I will definitely be back!
~B.L., Glass on Glass Mosaic Flower Garden Class with Kory Dollar