Denny Nkemontoh


Denny and husband Joseph.

Denny is owner and facilitator of Denny’s Workshop.  While Denny’s background is primarily in writing and education (22 years of teaching experience), art has been an essential part of her life.  Primarily self-taught, she began doing art as a way to alleviate stress and, over the years, discovered new ways to express herself, be creative, and to find healing through art.  She describes herself as more of a facilitator than a teacher of art and goes broad in her interests rather than becoming an expert in any one field.  Her interests range from batik to shibori, papermaking to papercutting, claywork to fused glass, bookbinding to journaling,  coloring to collaging, art for art to the merger of art and word, mosaics to, well, everything else!


Kory Dollar


Kory Dollar is the owner of Marvelous Mosaic; she is a fine artist, specializing in stained glass mosaics particularly glass on glass or GOG. Kory is intrigued by glass and its dimensional effects it can produce by illumination; she uses light, reflection, and negative space to create her mosaics. She up-cycles wood framed windows and creates beautiful mosaic sun-catchers or privacy screens that can be hung in a window or on a covered patio. Kory also accepts custom orders for large mosaic murals, backsplashes, and fireplaces. She specializes in flowers, blossom trees, nautical, mandalas, and goddesses. Kory’s passion for creating comes from nature and nurture. Kory grew up with an artistically inclined family always encouraging her to use self-expression as a form of mediation. From a very young age, she has had practice working in many mediums; wood, stained glass, clay, ink, acrylic, and watercolor. Kory’s inspiration for her mosaics comes from design, texture, and color of the stained glass itself. She is motivated to leave a healthy artistic footprint behind for her children; she is driven by her need to artistically express feelings, desires, and visions. There are natural patterns in the glass that artistically energize her creative since of style, to generate movement in the piece. If you study her mosaics you will find all the glass is hand cut using a freestyle method she developed. She cuts most of her pieces with wheeled nippers, a glass scorer, and running pliers.

Visit Kory’s website at https://marvelousmosaic.wordpress.com/.

 Janice Hattenhauer and Rhonda Whetsell


Rhonda: I’m a grandma who takes care of 2 young grandsons and in my spare time needs to create art.  I have been making some sort of art my entire life with my focus being Jewelry.  In addition there are Jewelry Trees, Glass Mobiles, Needle Felting and most recently Pyrography on leather, gourds and wood.


Janice:  Janice is grandmother to three growing and active young men.  She enjoys spending time with them and they even do art together at times.  Janice does a variety of art ranging from making concrete leaves and whimsical creatures; creating  wooden benches to display tile salmon and resin rivers; designing tiled blackboards and wall-hangings; to building her own dining room table and much, much more.  She is always “up” to try a new genre of art and comes to it with a passion.

Kelley Knickerbocker

sm Kelley

Visual artist Kelley Knickerbocker left a 22-yr administrative career at the University of Washington in 2006 to found her studio (Rivenworks Mosaics, Seattle) and begin designing/ fabricating/installing mosaic artwork for public, commercial, residential and gallery environments. Kelley’s ruggedly dimensional mosaic artworks are a textural distillation of her fascination with contrast, material properties and the technical challenges of mosaic construction, and garnered her the 2015 Innovation in Contemporary Mosaic award from the American Society of Mosaic Artists.  Her work is widely collected and regularly exhibited in the US and abroad. In addition to her studio practice, Kelley travels extensively speaking, collaborating, and teaching in-depth workshops on mosaic style and technique.

Visit Kelley’s website at rivenworksmosaics.com.

Jennifer Kuhns

Sm Jennifer

Jennifer Kuhns has been working in mosaic for 16 years, collecting salvaged glass, tile, and other reclaimed materials, painstakingly cutting each piece for assemblage into exquisite designs.  Jennifer’s work ranges from strikingly realistic portraits to decorative, functional tile installations, and her work has been featured in many exhibits and galleries throughout the US.  On Fridays, she teaches a drop-in class for at-risk youth in Shelton, WA.  She lives and works on a small farm in rural Western WA.

Visit Jennifer’s website at jkmosaic.com.

Janale Petersen

sm janale

Janale grew up in the Pacific Northwest.  In December of 2014, she began experimenting with a new medium.  She had access to a beautiful pile of scrap blue pine wood that was on its way to the dump. “The wood scraps were so beautiful,” says Janale, “that it seemed like such a waste to toss it away.”  She took as much home as she could and that was the beginning of a new adventure.

She says, “Every day I am inspired by its (Pacific Northwest) beauty and my experiences living here.  I work with the natural beauty of the wood, the more imperfections the piece has, the better.  I keep the burned design simple and let the colors and imperfections of the wood stand out and become a part of the art work.”

Visit Janale’s website at BluePineCreative.com.