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Most of my classes are initiated by participants.  Call me or send an email letting me know what you’d like to do and when and I’ll schedule it for you: 503-866-0180.

Journaling in Braille Bibles


Brought to you by Donna Bauermiller

At Denny’s Workshop

Optional (free) Preparation Session: Friday, May 10, 2019, 7-8:30 pm

Cost $40

MUST PREREGISTER as limited spaces available.

Donna Bauermiller makes “the most exquisite, heartfelt journals that leave us speechless” (click here for interview and photos from Portland Art Collective blog).  Donna will teach us how she creates visual journals in Braille Bibles using such mediums as Golden Fluid Acrylics and Holtz Distress Re-inkers.  (Other examples available at

“I love to see my favorite colors glazed onto a page and then I write on top of this.   The process is very meditative for me.  I work slowly… My mind wanders.  It’s kind of like traveling through time and space to me,” shares Bauermiller.

 Supplies needed: Braille Bible (available on internet or Denny can order) prepped with clear gesso.  Prepping may be done in advance at the optional session the night before.  Please talk to Denny for prepping instructions.  You may bring images and quotes, or they will be available at the Workshop.

This is an incredible opportunity to learn from a gifted and thoughtful visual journalist.  Please register and pay in advance as there are a limited number of spaces.


Info at or 503-866-0180

12814 NW Bishop Rd, Hillsboro, 97124

Radical Recipes and Acrylic Methods

Are you looking for a Rust Recipe? Does your heart patter when you think about Gold Leafing, Acrylic Patinas, Faux Encaustic Formulas, Tar Gel Marbling, Delicious Drips and Pours? In the last two decades I have experimented and explored these methods in acrylics and realized it is time to share tips and techniques! This workshop is for painters, mixed media, book arts artists and anyone who is fascinated with the concept of fooling the eye. Come join me in this four-hour investigation of acrylic materials and leave with your own sample boards of “Radical Recipes”. All wet Materials Provided… Bring to class an old hand towel and a Strathmore 400 Series Mixed Media Pad 9” x 12″ — Corrine Loomis Dietz, Instructor.

May 25th, 2019

Workshop Fee $105

10:00 AM To 03:30 PM

Venue: Helvetia Farms, hosted by Denny”s Workshop, Hillsboro, Oregon


No photo description available.


The best way to keep up to date is to follow my personal FB account: Denny Miller Nkemontoh.  Or email me at to be added to my mailing list.  I am continually adding classes.

Marathon Mandala Workshop

April 26 and 28

(Optional Work Day, April 27 $50)

Taught by Kory Dollar

Fee: $200


Make your mosaic on Friday from 9 am to midnight or longer and then grout it on Sunday.

To keep cost down it will be potluck style for food.

Check out the Mandala Photos! 

I will have a lot of supplies to create one of a kind designs. Round glass recycled substrates or 12″ x 12″ custom framed substrate,  or bring your own!

Water, Tea, and Coffee provided. Students are encouraged to participate in potluck style lunches. More information will be provided after registration.

Create a breathtaking glass-on-glass mosaic masterpiece! No experience required! Everything will be provided for you. This is a 2.5 day workshop, with  Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art, where you will start with custom framed window, approx 12″x 12″ that will be transformed into a gorgeous work of art.

The mandala mosaic workshop is open to all skill levels, advanced to intermediate.  The focus for this workshop will be on symmetrical balance and color theory related to glass on glass mosaics. Students will design a one-of-a-kind piece of fine art that will be mesmerizing. First, you will select a color pallet from the array of glass that will be available. Second, you will decide how many mandalas will you will be working with and what the unique centers will be. Kory will have an assortment of vintage jewels, bike gears, and other unique items for you to select from. This is also a great time to look for other unique elements to make this piece special to you, like grandmas jewelry. Next, you will will develop confidence in cutting. Once, you have your color pallet selected and you feel comfortable cutting you will intuitively let your mandala evolve, using the abundance of materials available.

This workshop will teach you how to patternize your glass, breaking down each cut from a strip of glass. This process will assist you in understanding how to maximize your glass while getting the cut you are trying to achieve. We will discuss the physics of glass and why it breaks the way it does. I will introduce several online resources you may use when designing your mandala mosaic. These resources are free to use and will assist you in developing a great color pallet and a unique design.  If you have a laptop, please bring it to class.

We will discuss lighting and how it impacts your design and color selection. Kory will introduce her Opacity Rules for Glass on Glass ® and you will become confident in your color selection. You will understand how to produce a visually stunning mosaic with light and without light, the “Night Time View and the Day Time View.”

This class will not only increase your cutting skills and empower your creativity; it will enhance your knowledge of glass on glass mosaics and the elements required to create a  ever-changing quality piece of fine art that will last a lifetime. Kory will share with you her process and give tips and tricks, including introduce you to tools that make learning glass on glass mosaics easy and effortless.

Limited spaces remaining.  Register now!

August 2019 Glass on Glass Camp Out

Taught by Kory Dollar


August 4 day Campout
Dates:  August 22, 23, 24, 25  2019
Location: Denny’s Workshop in Hillsboro, Oregon
Address: 12814 NW Bishop Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97124
Cost: $500

Theme: OPEN Glass on Glass Projects, Any size projects
Space is limited and return students will get first choice.
Check in Thursday Aug, 22 at 10 am
Check out Sunday Aug 25 at 2 pm
Check out Sunday Aug Bring a trailer, tent, motor home for no extra charge or rent one of the 3 rooms available.

We will provide a the main dishes for meals and ask that each student bring dishes to share. There will be a menu released two weeks before the event, so you can assist in planning our meals. There will be a barbecue, and a mock kitchen set up outside for everyone to use at any time. This is the second annual event. We will have an enclosed eating area set up. The class will limit out at 10 students and I will have several helpers there through out the event. Facials and massages available on Friday and Saturday, for an additional cost.


Homemade Paper-6

Handmade Paper

with Denny Nkemontoh

April 27, 10-4

Cost: $15 per session

This is a three session class (or longer) and you can take any of the classes you’re interested in. The first one, Making Recycled Paper is on April 27. Cost is $15 per session. Subsequent sessions (to be scheduled on dates that work for participants) include From Peels to Paper, Paper From Your Garden, and Inclusions in Paper…
All materials provided for classes.  Participants may optionally bring items for use in making or inclusions in paper.  List to follow registration.








Crack Your World Wide Open — This is a once a month class (second Friday) from noon to 3:30 combining art and writing your life stories.  The journaling portion of the class is lead by Marie Buckley and the art by Denny Nkemontoh.  You can bring something edible to share.  Class is free.


Open Studio — every Tuesday night 4:30-9 pm.  This is an ongoing class and costs $5 per session or $30 for the year.  Bring your own project or call ahead and find out what we’re doing on a given night.  We currently have a table set up for encaustic exploration. Please note the cost covers use of equipment.  If you use Denny’s materials, please inquire as to cost or make a donation to cover cost.

Open Studio — every Thursday 1-4 pm. This is an ongoing class and costs $5 per session or $30 for the year.  Bring your own project or call ahead and find out what we’re doing on a given night.  We currently have a table set up for encaustic exploration.  Please note the cost covers use of equipment.  If you use Denny’s materials, please inquire as to cost or make a donation to cover cost.



Marbling —  This class can be scheduled on an ongoing basis to fit your schedule.  Cost dependent on number of people.


Introduction to painting with Alcohol InkThis class can be scheduled on an ongoing basis to fit your schedule.  Cost dependent on number of people.


Shibori —  This class focuses on Japanese resist dyeing.   The class includes a history and overview of the indigo dyeing process.  Cost depends on what items student wants to dye (if workshop provides).  You may bring additional items from home to dye.  This class can be scheduled on an ongoing basis to fit your schedule.


Mosaic — I teach various forms of mosaic:  Glass on glass, polymer clay mosaics, tile, and more.  This class can be scheduled on an ongoing basis to fit your schedule.  Cost dependent on type of mosaic selected, size, time required and materials (substrate and tesserae).


Collage — Different techniques can be used in collaging but most of them revolve around paper.  Use handmade papers, magazines, national geographic pages treated with Citrasolv, paper napkins and more.


Flow or Pour Painting — This popular method of painting produces vivid results and is easy to do.  You can hang it as is, collage over it, seal with varnish or resin, and more.  I’ve even done it on the cover to my toilet tank!

See the Class Description page for ideas of additional classes.


A couple of important notes:

  • To register for a class, send me an email and let me know what you’d like to take and I’ll send you a reg form.  (There are reg forms available on the Reg page so you can pre-fill and send me if you prefer.)
    • 503-866-0180
  • Classes taught by guest instructors do require a deposit at minimum and have stricter cancellation policies.
  • If you are planning on coming to an Open Studio, drop-in, or any other kind of class, please let me know in advance by phone, text, or email.  This is a small, personal workshop run by me with no other employees.  If no one lets me know they are coming to a class, I may decide to take the day off and head to the beach.  Who knows!  If you tell me you are coming, I WILL be here.
  • I am in my workshop most of the time evenings, days, weekends.  If there is no class scheduled and you’d like a class, or an open studio time, or just to visit, let me know.  I am usually flexible and will work my schedule to fit yours!  Plus, I love company!
  • There are many times I will be exploring mediums on my own and will send out a note saying something like, “Tomorrow I’m marbling paper.  For $5, you can stop by and play/learn/experiment with me.”  If you are my friend on Facebook or on my email list, you will receive notice about events like this!
  • If there is a class you’d like to take but it’s not on the schedule, contact me and we’ll schedule it for you alone or for you and a few friends!


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