2017 Workshop Schedule — August – November


Welcome to our new schedule in both spreadsheet and calendar format.  There are many new classes and some changes so check the calendar out carefully.  Unfortunately, I occasionally do make mistakes so please check with me if something isn’t reading as expected!

A couple of important notes:

  • To register for a class, send me an email and let me know what you’d like to take and I’ll send you a reg form.  (There are reg forms available on the Reg page so you can pre-fill and send me if you prefer.)
    • 503-866-0180
  • Classes taught by guest instructors do require a deposit at minimum and have stricter cancellation policies.
  • If you are planning on coming to an Open Studio, drop-in, or any other kind of class, please let me know in advance by phone, text, or email.  This is a small, personal workshop run by me with no other employees.  If no one lets me know they are coming to a class, I may decide to take the day off and head to the beach.  Who knows!  If you tell me you are coming, I WILL be here.
  • I am in my workshop most of the time evenings, days, weekends.  If there is no class scheduled and you’d like a class, or an open studio time, or just to visit, let me know.  I am usually flexible and will work my schedule to fit yours!  Plus, I love company!
  • There are many times I will be exploring mediums on my own and will send out a note saying something like, “Tomorrow I’m marbling paper.  For $5, you can stop by and play/learn/experiment with me.”  If you are my friend on Facebook or on my email list, you will receive notice about events like this!

Workshop update:

1. I will be a vendor at the North Plains Elephant Garlic Festival August 11-13. If you’re out that way, stop by and say hello.

2. My Canvas Texture Book Class is August 18-20, $90. Register now!

3. Susan Crocenzi’s Class “Spacescapes” has cancelled.


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Downloads in Calendar Format:

Downloads in Spreadsheet Format: